We believe sourcing is the key to credible investment opportunities and generating tangible extractable returns.

RAN³ has an established international network of opportunity providers, including:

Private banks

Insurance companies



Asset rich families

Financial advisors

Private banks

Insurance companies



Asset rich families

Financial advisors

Partnership Model

RAN³ provides a platform for real estate investments, giving investors with similar philosophies the opportunity to enter into superior opportunities.

RAN³ has experience running investments through regulated fund entities, as well as tax efficient onshore and offshore SPVs.

Mandates extend to:

General Partner

RAN³ acts as a fully-fledged investment manager

Limited Partner

RAN³ co-invests in projects, ensuring alignment of interests


RAN³ can also act strictly as a consultant

Asset manager

RAN³ directly manages longer-term investments

RAN³ manages investments for and co-invests with:

  • Institutional Investors
  • Investment Funds
  • Family Offices
  • HNW individuals

Investment Approach

A highly analytical risk measurement approach is applied to every part of the investment decision:

  • Market Conditions
  • Financial Structuring
  • Asset Valuation
  • Due diligence: corporate, legal, planning and usage
  • Risk assessment of the stages of execution
  • Stress testing feasible returns


RAN³ can engage in real estate strategies of varying risk levels

RAN³ is equipped to accompany all phases of the investment.


Identify Asset – Analyze Investment – Negotiate Acquisition – Financing and Deal Structuring


Partner Selection – Planning Approval – Project Management – Investor Reporting


Marketing Strategy – Partner Selection – Sales Process – Financial Exit

Asset Management

Determine Strategy – Partner Selection (Operator – Tenant) – Stabilize Asset – Reassess: hold or exit


We consider a precise but flexible business plan, impeccable staffing and tight controls to be the keys to efficient execution.

Whether it be for time efficient developments or longer-term operational strategies, RAN³ focusses on what matters:

  • “Best in class” partners
  • Strong internal project management teams
  • Rigorous problem identification and meaningful reporting
  • Transparent communication at all stages
  • Result-orientated processes


RAN³’s primary objective is the timely return of capital and the maximization of potential profits.

This is achieved through:

  • Efficient project execution
  • Focused processes geared to minimizing time
  • Tailored financial structuring
  • Constant review of critical path to investment exit
  • Efficient use of non-aggressive tax strategies

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