Senior Management

Matthew Norris

After a career trading financial markets for
JP Morgan, Salomon Brothers and Citigroup Matthew was seduced by the tangible nature of real estate investing.

He enjoys negotiating and structuring complex transactions and derives satisfaction from being able to contribute to the urban regeneration of Lisbon and Porto.

A keen surfer, what he lacks in talent he makes up for in enthusiasm.

Matthew holds a BEng from Imperial College in London and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Abi Adebayo

There are not many technical challenges he is afraid to try and tackle. Abi’s focus is on harnessing technology and processes to bring about the RAN3 principles and structure to every stage of our investor experience.

He began a 26 year finance and business career in the more esoteric depths of the capital markets and Trading with Mizuho Capital, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein and First Continental trading before moving into Real Estate and private equity.

Abi holds a BEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London and obsesses a lot about Machine learning and cycling.

Aymeric d’Harambure

Aymeric is an experienced entrepreneur with the intimate conviction that a good team alchemy and the correct expertise can be leveraged to achieve seamless operational efficiency and flawless execution.

Thanks to more than 20 years in front seat positions, alternatively acting in startups or multinational companies, in variety of different sectors, Aymeric has developed a 6th sense of how to generate creative solutions and obtain lasting results.

Aymeric holds a master degree from ESCP Europe but is prouder of his autodidactic nature and eclectic approach to problem solving.

Patricia Coelho

Patrícia’s passion is people. She has a natural talent for finding out what drives them, interpreting what they need and helping them achieve it.

After a career of more than 20 years in internal audit and consulting, Patrícia decided to make a change and embark on a career in real estate.

Patrícia has a degree in management, is certified in risk management assurance and is a certified internal auditor.
This experience, make her an important ally for clients looking for an investment or fulfilling the dream of buying a family home.

Camille Bonneau

Camille has an extensive experience working as an architect in various sectors, having delivered schemes via a wide range of procurement routes, for public and private clients. Before setting up her own practice in Portugal, she worked at several award winning practices in Norway and the UK.

Her will to constantly challenge herself, as well as her long lasting interest into property development, led her to recently joining RAN3.

Camille’s key skills lie in her ability to conceive space, being able to quickly assist the team in interpreting their ideas, as well as being fast in solving problems on the creative side.

Shane Dunne

Shane is a highly experienced property professional with almost 20 years experience in the prime Central London property market.
He has a successful track record of creating value through investing in, developing, and selling residential property alongside institutional and private investors.
His deep local knowledge and long-standing relationships give Shane his competitive advantage when sourcing opportunities. His ability to create desirable product through “Design and Build” adds value during the development process. And his unrivalled network and negotiation skills help him maximise the sale price during exit.

He has successfully run his own development business since 2013 and now joins RAN3 to lead its expansion into the London market.

Miguel Judice

Miguel began his career in global Fast-Moving Consumer Goods companies such as Mars and Diageo before transitioning to Tourism and Hospitality. In that industry he has owned and managed some of Portugal’s leading hotels and restaurants for over 20 years. During his career Miguel has been a member of several institutional entities, holding positions like President of the Portuguese Hotel Association.

Beyond his professional work, Miguel is afreelance writer who wrote the book “500 Hidden Secrets of Lisbon”, a photographerand an avid globetrotter.

Miguel holds a Business degree from Lisbon’s Catholic University and an MBA from Cornell University in New York.

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